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Sainik School Coaching in Ghaziabad

Sainik School Coaching in Ghaziabad :- Sainik Schools of India present at more than 33 locations in the country are educational institutions which focus on both training the mind and body for the esteemed Defense Services of the country. The schools are based on values, good code of conduct and extreme discipline. The pupils receive excellent training helping them reach their true potential and pursue careers to serve the country.

Noble and brave officers and chiefs are sought after in the humble pupils by bringing out their best in these schools. The Sainik Schools operated and managed by the Ministry of Defense provide opportunities to promising boys from suburban and rural areas of the country and also gives promise of great career opportunities to these candidates.

Sainik Schools features

Sainik schools in every location in the country have exceptional educational facilities and infrastructure. The schools are focused on training the students for Defense Services, hence needs great physical training facilities too. The schools are equipped with great sports facilities including swimming pools, running track, obstacle courses, a gymnasium and more.

Clubs and Cultural Activities

Sainik school promotes then total character and personality development of the students. This includes exposure to cultural and team activities. The schools offer various clubs like Journalism, Art, Physics, Mathematics and numerous more to promote the interests of the students and engage them in team activities. The school promotes cultural activities to inculcate a sense of social responsibility and unity.

Physical training to reach your best Potential

The schools offer top notch physical training to train you for the defense services and every aspect of your life. Every student gets an opportunity to pursue the sport of their choice and there are also some mandatory sports activities everyone will be trained for. With great sports facilities and training faculty on the school the students reach their best potential and also build qualities like a strong team sentiments and unity.

Cadets and Houses

Every student in the school is sorted into houses in the school to promote sense of brotherhood and also healthy competition amongst the houses in the school. The cadets learn discipline, responsibility and develop social skills by training and working together. The cadets of each house train together, live together and grow together which promotes comradery in the students very much needed for Defense Services


Every Sainik school has a NCC club and the schools encourage students to take part in the NCC activities compulsorily. Participation and ranking in the NCC opens a lot of doors in terms of career and personal development for the students. Activities in NCC gives the cadets exposure and various skill development opportunities.


After graduating from a Sainik school, the candidates will be exclusively tailored to enter the National Defense Academy or the Indian Naval academy. The training they received at these schools will let the candidates excel in SSB and UPSC exams too opening up a world of possibilities and bright career options for the students. Thus we can therefore clearly see that the Sainik Schools in India are growing and giving good opportunities to the students and every other candidate.

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